Last Minute Gifts For Men With Beards

beard grooming gift guide

Whether its your boyfriend, boss, your favorite bartender, or Santa himself, you know at least one guy with a beard. He seems like an awesome guy. Get him an awesome gift. 

Stuck buying a Secret Santa gift for that guy in the accounting department and not sure what to get him? We've got you covered with some great options for under $20 bucks. 

Love how sexy your man looks with a beard but hate how it gets dry and scratches you when you're close? We've picked out some grooming sets that will leave his beard soft and him happy. Win and win. 

Are you a dude with a beard? Solid choice bro. We got plenty of choices to Treat Yo Self! 

​Let's get to it. 

Top Beard Gift Choices for 2016

Each one of the gifts in this guide is something we would personally be thrilled to receive as a gift. Each of the choices was available on Amazon with 1-Day Prime shipping at the time of publishing. 

DapperGanger​ Beard Grooming Kit

dapperganger beard grooming gift set

This is the total package and its a fantastic gift for a guy that has none of the grooming essentials. There are a number of different grooming kits available, but we liked that this one provided ample amounts of the 3 main components of a any grooming routine; beard oil, beard balm, and beard wash.

Each component is made in the USA and certified organic. What's nice is that these aren't "sample sizes" like you often find in gift sets. There is enough of each product to last him most of the year, if not longer. 

They also include stainless steel scissors and a nifty little beard comb that doubles as a keychain and bottle opener.​

What really makes this a gift he'll be pumped to unwrap is that all of the products come a high quality canvas Dopp kit. 

Duckbutter Beard Oil 4-Pack Boxed Gift Set

beard oil gift set

There are many quality Beard Oils on the market, in fact, there are new ones popping up every day. So, which one should you get him? We've found one of the biggest factors that contribute to liking one brand over the other is the scent profile of the oil. 

Sure, some brands are simply better than others. We have an entire Beard Oil Buyers Guide devoted to helping guys find the perfect brand for them. But since you're buying it for them, why not give them 4 different scents so they can find one that appeals to them?

We've selected this gift pack from the Duckbutter company because we like the scent profiles. But of equal importance, they make a good quality product rich with Jojoba and Grapeseed oils, that will nourish and soften dry whiskers.

Wooden Beard Shaping Tool by Beard Command

wooden beard shaping tool

If the guy you're buying for has a super long, semi-wild, awesome beard that he never shaves, this isn't the gift for him. But if you notice that he trims things up from time-to-time, then he might find this shaping tool quite useful.

Many of the guys on our usual testing panel use a shaping tool and we all agreed this wooden was quite nice and made a solid gift. 

It has a built in comb feature so he can use it for both shaping the contours of his hair line and trimming longer whiskers. They also include a wooden handled boar bristle beard brush to complete the package. 

This is ideal for a stocking stuffer or for an office gift exchange. 

Honest For Men Beard Soap

beard wash gift

We're big fans of soap style beard washes and if you're looking for an absolute budget gift for under $10 this bar from the folks at Maple Hill Naturals makes a great choice. 

In our guide to the best beard shampoos we go over a few of the reasons many of our testers prefer bar style beard washes to liquid alternatives. In short, they usually do a better job as doubling a facial cleanser for your entire face, not just your beard.

We just started testing this brand and are already loving it. It has a nice soft scent, lathers nicely, and does a great job of gently cleansing our whiskers without stripping away too many natural oils (that help to keep beards soft). 

It's made with 100% Natural Ingredients, and has a nice blend of butters and oils that helps to keep skin moisturized​ which can often be a challenge with a beard. 

Hand Stained Wooden Skull Beard Comb

skull bead comb

A beard comb is a nice affordable gift for a guys with a longer beard. A wooden beard comb that is hand stained and shaped like a skull is an AWESOME gift for a guy with a longer beard. 

If your guy is a rocker, biker, or just the type that would get a kick out of a skull shaped comb, then this one's for you.

Seriously, what's not to love about this? The picture says it all. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully we've given you a few good ideas for the bearded man in your life. Or, if you are a bearded guy yourself, it might not be a bad idea to casually text this to your girlfriend or print it out and tape it to the fridge. 

  • Updated December 15, 2016