2017 Best Beard Oils: A Comprehensive Buyers Guide

2017 beard oils

Beard oil has been used to condition and soften beards for years and recently has seen a resurgence in popularity. More men are growing beards these days and in turn, are seeking high quality products to help tame their beards.

If you've never bought a Beard Oil before or want to be a more informed buyer, scroll on down to find our complete Beard Oil Buyers Guide. Otherwise, lets get right to our favorite beard oils!

Best Beard Oils of 2017

1) The Gentlemen’s Beard Bay Rum Scent

gentlemen's beard bay rum scent beard oilThe Gentlemen’s Beard has released a scented version of their highly rated original blend and our testing panel loved it! They’ve added Coconut Oil and scent enhancements and ended up with a truly fantastic blend. The smell is an intoxicating aroma that one of our testers best described as “A coconut scented tropical breeze blowing through an old cedar log cabin“.

The ingredients include the previously mentioned Coconut Oil in addition to Argan, Jojoba, Sunflower, and Vitamin E oils. This combination provides for a full range of nutrients and vitamins for your beard. Not only is it one of the best smelling beard oils, we found that it quickly absorbed into our beards, did an outstanding job of controlling split ends, and left our beards nice and soft.

The built in eye dropper allows for easy application and we also like that it has stylish packaging and comes enclosed in a branded cardboard box. This makes for nicer presentation than some of the other brands we tested, particularly if you are planning on gifting it to someone.

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2) Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil

honest amish beard oilThe Classic Beard Oil from the Honest Amish Company is a natural and Organic Beard Oil, sold at an affordable price, and made in the USA by a small business that got their start selling all natural health products at flea markets. What’s not to love about that?!

The blend contains all of the standard oils we expect to find, but also some we didn’t find in any other products such as Apricot Kernel Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, and Avocado Oil. If you are looking for a truly healthy and fully nourished beard you will enjoy the benefits this blend provides.

The ingredients also combine into a very unique but pleasant scent. It has notes of spice and licorice and has a warm, inviting aroma. Our testers all agreed that this product provides what you want in a Beard Oil. It conditioned and softened our beards and didn’t leave any oily residue on your hands. Combine that with the fact that this product is consistently one of the lower priced options on the market and comes in a 2oz bottle instead of the industry standard 1oz, and we felt it deserved a spot high in our rankings.

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3) Woodsman Beard Oil by The Bearded Bastard

woodsman beard oilAnother favorite of our testing panel was the Woodsman Beard Oil produced by the fine folks at The Bearded Bastard.

Like a number of the brands we tested, this leans heavily on Pine notes for the majority of its scent profile. But unlike some of its competitors, it smells more like a sawmill or lumber yard than it does a fresh pine tree. It’s really quite unique and our panelists all seemed to enjoy the smell.

This oil is “heavier” than some other brands, which most of our testers liked, but it is likely better suited for beards on the shorter end of the length spectrum. We also found that our beards had a noticeable healthy “shine” to them after using the product for a few days. Their blend combines multiple carrier oils and essential oils, which is always a bonus as it ensures your beard is getting a wide spectrum of benefits.

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 4) Tree Ranger by Beardbrand

tree ranger by beardbrand reviewIf we were awarding trophies for naming the product exactly like it smells then Beardbrand would win first prize for their Tree Ranger entry! This product smells like a lumberjack who just fell from the top of a 100 foot pine tree and hit every branch on the way down. But even though it has a very strong pine scent it is surprisingly gentle on the nose and many of our testers found it “refreshing”. If strong, bright, fresh scents are your preference then it would be hard to beat this offering.

Beardbrand is a rapidly growing company that focuses solely on Beard products (as their name suggests) and was on the TV show “Shark Tank” to help launch their brand. In terms of quality of the oil, Tree Ranger was a top choice among our panel.

Most found it to be very light and absorbent and provided just the right amount of moisture without being too greasy. The ingredient list includes the standards like Jojoba, Argan, and Grapeseed Oils. Frankly, the only thing our panel argued about was the scent. Some loved it, while others found it overpowering. Again, if you generally gravitate to citrusy or pine notes then you’ll likely love this product.

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5) Art Naturals Beard and Stache Oil

organic beard oil from art naturalsArt Naturals is a leading manufacturer of artisanal quality health and beauty products with a heavy focus on the restorative benefits of natural oils. They’ve drawn from their industry experience to bring us their Beard and Stache Oil.

The product is labeled 100% Organic and the two primary oils used are Jojoba and Moroccan Argan Oil, along with smaller amounts of other ingredients like Vitamin E Oil. The result is a finely crafted, balanced oil, that is totally scent free. Choosing an unscented oil is popular for many guys. Some prefer the scent of a favorite cologne and don’t want their beard products to overpower it. Others, just don’t react well to heavily scented products.

Our panel was torn on where to rank this brand. It is one of the highest selling on Amazon and its Organic ingredients and unscented blend are important factors for many guys. Also it is very affordably priced, offering a 2oz bottle for under $15 at the time of testing. That said, a small percentage of our testers felt that it didn’t condition their beards quite as well as some other brands and that it left them feeling greasy.

Ultimately, this offered twice as much product as the winner of our Organic Beard Oil ranking (Leven Rose, see review below) so we felt comfortable including it as a best buy.

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6) WV Timber Beard Oil by Mountaineer Brand

wv timber beard oil by mountaineer brandLooking for a Beard Oil that doesn’t contain common ingredients like Jojoba or Argan Oil? Are you seeking products with a earthy, forest like scent? If so, WV Timber by Mountaineer Brand is the choice for you!

WV Timber uses a combination of Almond, Grapeseed, and Castor Oils as its base carrier oils, and includes Cedar and Fir oils to help round out its profile and give it that Christmas tree farm scent. Our testers all agreed that it did a good job of conditioning and moisturizing, and ultimately that is what matters most.

However, we set out to rank the products we tested and as such we had to split hairs (pun possibly intended) to come up with our results. Ultimately the guys who prefer bright pine like scents simply preferred some of the other brands we tested better. That said, they all agreed that they would be happy to use this regularly.

WV Timber also comes in a 2oz bottle for a price similar to what other brands charge for 1oz bottles, so for value conscious buyers that is an important factor.

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Best Organic Beard Oil

Leven Rose 100% Pure Organic Beard Oil

Leven Rose Organic Beard OilLeven Rose is one of the top selling brands and is a favorite for many guys. Many of the brands we tested market themselves are All Natural or All Organic. However, when you look at their labels not all of the ingredients listed are specifically noted as 100% Organic.

Leven Rose only uses two ingredients that are both 100% Organic: Jojoba Oil and Moroccan Argan Oil. We admire that they didn’t try to make a fancy product with slick branding and countless additives. Instead they focused on creating an oil that gets the job done without lots of fuss.

Additionally, this blend is unscented and that was an important factor for us. Lots of guys who seek out organic products do so because their skin reacts negatively to artificial ingredients, and the same can be true for scented products. Some folks just don’t react to them well.

We also love that this brand is very affordably priced and comes with a money back guarantee. It did a great job of moisturizing and conditioning and we always like having an eye dropper included in the bottle cap. Combine all the factors together and we easily decided on Leven Rose as the top Organic Beard Oil!

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Best Beard Oil Value

Beardsmen Spirit Bold Forest Beard Oil

beardsmen spirit beard oilIf you are looking to get the most bang for your buck then look no further than Beardsmen Spirit brand Beard Oils.

Their product comes in a large 4oz sized bottle, which is quadruple the amount many of the other leading brands offer for a similar price! They make a scented Bold Forest version (which is what we reviewed) as well as an Unscented version.

The scented version has a bright floral aroma from the Eucalyptus essential oil in the blend, but also has some softer cedar and pine undertones. All in all this a solid choice and you really can’t beat the value.

At the time of testing, this was had one of the lowest per ounce prices of any other beard oils available. 

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Best Beard Oil Gift Pack

Grave Before Shave Beard Oil 4 Pack

beard oil gift setGrave Before Shave by Fisticuffs has developed 4 unique scents which they sell individually, but that they also combine them into one cool 4 pack that makes an awesome gift set for a bearded guy.

Each of the 4 blends uses Jojoba Oil as the base oil and all do a great job of conditioning and hydrating. When you purchase the set it is cheaper on a per ounce basis than buying individual bottles. E

ach bottle comes with its own stylish hand drawn custom labels. They are easily some of the coolest logos of any of the brands we tested.

The 4 pack comes equipped with a 1oz bottle of each of the following scents: Pine Scent, Viking Blend, Bay Rum, and Original Scent.

Check our our full Grave Before Shave beard oil review to get more details and order on Amazon CLICK HERE.


Beard Oil Buyers Guide

What Are The Benefits of Beard Oil?

We always say that if you are only going to use one beard care product as part of your daily regimen, then Beard Oil should be the one you choose. It serves as a fantastic moisturizer, conditioner, and helps to tame your wild whiskers. As your beard grows longer it has a tendency to become corse, dry, itchy, and in extreme cases can even form dandruff (aka Beardruff).

Beard oil not only helps to keep your beard soft, it is beneficial for your skin as well. A dry beard has whiskers that look wiry and tough and it can be abrasive. Beard Oil works to keep your beard and skin moisturized and conditioned and reduce the the symptoms of Beadruff.

Beard Oil vs Beard Balm

Many guys aren't sure on if they should use an Oil, Balm, or both. Our rule is this: Beard Oils are a fantastic beard conditioner that we recommend for everyone. Then, a Balm can be a great addition if you want more texture, hold, or style. 

 How Does Beard Oil Work?

generic beard oilEvery whisker on your face has two glands that secrete a natural oil called sebum oil. These glands are known as the sebaceous glands. The sebum oils they produce help to nourish and moisturize your whiskers and keep them soft. However, the amount of oil these glands can produce is limited.

Once your beard grows to a certain length (varies from guy to guy) your natural oils can no longer keep up and your beard will begin to dry out.  By regularly applying Beard Oil you are able to supplement your face’s natural oils and can keep your entire beard thoroughly moisturized and manageable.

What Is Beard Oil Made Of?

The a majority of the leading Beard Oils are made with all-natural ingredients and many of them advertise their products as Organic. Beard Oil is typically made by combining two primary types of oil; Carrier Oils and Essential Oils. Carrier Oils make up the majority of the blend, typically 90% or more. Essential oils usually make up the other 10% of the mixture. Let’s take a closer look at each:

Carrier Oils

Carrier Oils are pressed from nuts, kernels, or seeds. They do not evaporate quickly and are mostly free of aromas. They serve as the primary conditioning and softening agents in most beard oils blend. Additionally, they work as a solvent for the more volatile Essential Oils. Each Beard Oil uses at least one type of Carrier Oil and some will combine multiple types in their blend. Common types include:

Jojoba Oil
  • Comes from compressed Jojoba Plant Seeds
  • Jojoba is a shrub common to the arid deserts of the Southwest
  • Most commonly used carrier oil found beard products
jojoba plant

Great Source Of:

  • Vitamin E
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • B Vitiman
  • Selenium, Chromium, & Iodine

Benefits Include:

  • Promotes Hair Growth
  • Moisturizes
  • Combats Acne
  • Regulates Oil Production
  • Anti-Inflammatory Agent
jojoba plant
Argan Oil
  • Comes from compressed seeds of Argan Tree
  • Major Export of the Country of Morrocco
  • 2nd most common Beard Oil ingredient

Great Source Of:

  • Vitamin E
  • Natural Fatty Acids
  • Carotenes

Benefits Include:

  • Powerful Moisturizing Agent
  • Prevents Beadruff and Flaky Skin
  • Fatty Acids help "nourish" whiskers
Grape Seed Oil
  • Comes from compressed Grape Seeds
  • Common by-product of the wine production process
  • Light and thin oil, absorbs easily into hair and skin
jojoba plant

Great Source Of:

  • Linoleic Acid
  • Oleic Acids
  • Small Amounts of Vitamin E 

Benefits Include:

  • Lubricates and smoothes whiskers
  • Moisturizes
  • Strengthens Hair
jojoba plant
Coconut Oil
  • Want to guess what plant it comes from?
  • Also known as Copra Oil
  • Commonly used to treat dry skin

Great Source Of:

  • Vitamin E
  • Lauric Acid
  • Iron

Benefits Include:

  • Soothes Dry Skin
  • Pleasant Aroma
  • Conditions hair
Essential Oils

On their own essential oils are volatile, can evaporate quickly, and if applied directly to your beard they could potentially end up causing more damage than good.  However, when you combine them with a Carrier Oil they are able to deliver their benefits and aroma without causing damage to your beard.

essential oil for beards

Essential Oils get their name because they contain the essence of the fragrance of the plant from which they were produced. The scents of many Essential Oils are said to be calming, or even assist with memory or focus. Essential oils act as an astringent (skin-tightener) and also have aromatherapy benefits. If you're the type of guy that doesn't like scented facial or skin products, you may not like a brand that leans heavily on essential oils. As you read through the reviews of Beard Oils, be sure to take note of which Essential Oils are in the brand you are considering.

Commonly Used Essential Oils
  • Eucalyptus Oil: Has a bright floral scent, similar to a menthol aroma
  • Tea Tree Oil: Smells like a peppermint. Leaves a cool feeling when applied to skin.
  • PInewood Oil: Aptly named and as you might guess it has a strong pine scent.
  • Sandalwood: Ancient scent from India, described as warm, smooth, and inviting. 
  • Cedarwood: Similar to sandalwood, deep, rich, "cigar box" like aroma

How to Use Beard Oil

The best time to apply beard oil is directly after you've showered or washed your beard. Lightly towel dry your beard, but still leave it a bit wet. Then you want to apply a small amount of oil. How Small? Probably less than you think, but 3-4 drops is going to be enough for most guys.

You can use an eye dropper or get a few drops in your hand, then apply it directly to your beard. Work it in between your whiskers and get it all the way down to your skin. The goal is to completely coat your beard as while moisturizing your face at the same time.

This video from professional barber and sweet beard grower, George Bruno, ​does a good job showing how much oil to use and how to best apply it: