Best Beard Shampoo: 2017 Buyers Guide

2017 beard washes

Keeping your beard healthy, soft, and manageable should be the focus for any bearded man. A good beard care routine will easily accomplish that goal, and it all starts with keeping your beard clean. 

If you're thinking about buying your first beard wash product, or if you just want to know more about them, scroll on down to find our complete Beard Wash Buyer's Guide. Otherwise, let's get right to the reviews!

Our Favorite Beard Washes for 2017

1) Professor Fuzzworthy's Gentleman's Beard Shampoo

Best Shampoo for Beards

While Professor Fuzzworthy's may not fit the traditional definition of "shampoo", it still ranks as our top beard wash for 2017. In fact, a bar is sitting in my shower right now and it's the wash I use on a regular basis. 

Made from all-natural ingredients without the use of harsh chemicals, it provides a satisfying lather and leaves your beard feeling soft & conditioned. 

I use this soap on my face even on days when I don't fully wash my beard. It leaves your skin feeling soft and it has a very mild, pleasant aroma. And it is very fairly priced, especially considering one bar will last you a month or more depending on how often you wash your beard. 

While some guys have their own favorites, we've yet to hear from any of our testers a negative comment about the ole' Fuzzworthy. Give it a shot and thank us later!

2) Medicine Man's Itchy Beard Wash by OneDTQ

​This brand obviously is marketed towards guys with itchy beard issues. If that is all it did, it would be a winner on that alone, but the good news is that it does so much more! This is another all-natural product, with no funny sounding chemicals in the ingredients list. 

Medicine Man works to exfoliate the build up dead skin that causes beard irritation and beardruff. It then moisturizes your skin with a powerful blend of hydrating oils. ​

The exfoliating aspect of the wash also serves as a beard growth enhancers. By removing dead cells it spurs your beard follicles to produce new healthy whiskers. 

This brand is priced a bit higher than the other choices, but it is still affordable at around $20 per bottle at time of testing. 

3) Beardsley Ultra Shampoo For Beards

When reviewing beard products we often discuss scents or aromas. In fact, we've learned that many guys read reviews just to get an idea of what scent they can expect. But the amazing beard shampoo from Beardsley doesn't just have scent, it has a flavor!

The makers of this product realized that as you wash your beard, there is a chance that some of the lather might drip across your lips. So they decided to make sure that when that happens you are greeted with a delicious flavor. ​Currently they have both a cantaloupe and wild berry flavor. 

In addition it is all-natural, vegan friendly, and cruelty free (no animal testing). It provides just about everything you could as for in a beard wash and it priced right in the middle of the pack.

4) Honest Amish Beard and Body Soap

Honest Amish Beard Soap

Honest Amish is one of the original companies that started making all-natural products specially for beard care and we are big fans of their entire line. 

Their commitment to 100% natural ingredients and small batch production allow them to have close control of the quality of their products, and that results in beard soap that our testers love.

Honest Amish Beard Soap also doubles as a regular face wash, and was developed with a mild formula that doesn't dry our your beard or face. ​It also smells very similar to the Honest Amish Beard Oil and lots of guys commit to exclusively using their line for their entire daily routine. It's always affordably priced as well, so give it a shot!​

Beard Shampoo Buyer's Guide

Do I Really Need to Wash My Beard?

Come on man, really? YES! On daily basis, your beard comes into contact with grease and oils from foods, natural sweat, and who knows what else. No, beards don't really cause E coli like the media has reported, but as a general matter of hygiene its important to keep your beard clean. 

Additionally, washing your beard is the first step in our fight to keep our beards soft and manageable. As you grow a beard your facial skin reacts by increasing skin cell production. Those cells eventually die an become entrapped in your beard. Washing your beard removes the built up skin cells as well as any lingering residue, sweat, or other matter. 

Can't I Just Use Regular Shampoo?

You could. The world wouldn't end and your whiskers won't fall out or anything crazy. However, using a dedicated beard wash in place of your normal shampoo or face wash has many advantages. Traditional shampoos are often too harsh on your facial skin and can dry out your beard and leave you with the dreaded beardruff.

A good beard wash is formulated to handle the rigors of coarse, wiry, whiskers and yet still be gentle enough to hydrate and moisturize. By using a dedicated beard shampoo or soap, your beard will get more nourishment and will be softer and more manageable. 

How Often Should You Wash Your Beard?

We've talked about how important it is to keep your beard clean and why you should be using a dedicated beard wash to get the job done properly. But here's the good news. You don't have to do it that often!

As part of our standard beard care routine we suggest that you only use a beard wash once or twice a week. On the days we don't use beard wash we simply give it a good rinse with plain hot water while in the shower. 

What Are The Benefits of Using a Beard Wash?

In addition to leaving your beard feeling clean and smelling a fresh they also carry the following benefits:

  • Reduces Dry Skin: Your face has a tough time producing enough sebum oil to hydrate your face AND your beard, so a well formulated beard oil works to clean your beard without stripping away all of your natural facial oil like a regular shampoo would. 
  • Tames Wiry Whiskers: Beard hair is structurally different on a molecular level than the hair on your head. It is wiry and corse and responds well to the natural softening agents found in beard shampoo. 
  • Can Aide in Beard Growth: Many leading brands contain vitamins and minerals that are shown to thicker, fuller beards. 

Types of Beard Wash

If you've been read this far in the post you've noticed that we've been using the words Shampoo and Wash (and Soap) interchangeably. So what gives? Is there is a difference?

Yes, to an extent there is. For our purposes we consider a Beard Wash to be any product that is specially formulated to help you clean your beard. ​Within that broad definition there are few sub-categories; namely Beard Shampoos and Beard Soaps. Let's take a close look at each:

Beard Shampoo

This is what most people first think of when they hear the phrase Beard Wash. It is pretty much the same thing as a normal shampoo, except that it is specially formulated for beards. They are liquid like products and are packaged in bottles or tubes, which makes them easy to pack in a suitcase or overnight bag if you are always on the go. 

Beard Soap

The alternative is solid soap product that comes in a block, just like a regular piece of body soap. We are quite fond of soaps and many guys prefer them to shampoos. Both products do a great job of washing your beard but a soap has the added benefit of being a fantastic all-round face wash. In fact, on days we don't use the soap for our beards we often still use it to clean and hydrate the remainder of our face.  

How To Choose The Right Beard Wash

You're looking to get a quality product that works well, at an affordable price (or at least I assume that's why you're still reading). The good news is that there more quality products on the market than there are bad ones. Most of them are also priced to fit within most guys budgets. 

From there, you choice is going to be dependent upon your preference of Soap vs Shampoo, and other factors like scent, and cost.

The only thing you really want to be on the lookout for are products containing lots of lab made chemicals. ​Instead, we suggest you focus on products that have natural ingredients designed to nourish and cleanse your beard.