Easy Daily Beard Care Routine

easy daily beard care routine

We get it. You don't want to spend 15 minutes every morning grooming that sweet beard you're rocking. Neither do we, and that's why we're sharing our easy daily beard care routine.

This routine was designed knowing that most guys just want their beard to stop itching and look cool. It's designed to be a quick but effective routine. On most day's you'll be spending less than 2 minutes total on the entire process. Let's get started. 

Wash With A Beard Shampoo

Billy Jealousy Beard Wash ShampooA good beard is a clean beard. Just like the hair on your head, it can build up with oily residue and grime. Moreover, one of the keys to having a well maintained beard is ensuring the skin beneath your beard stays hydrated. This keeps your skin feeling soft and reduces the dry itchy feeling that often times comes with a beard.

So why would you need “special” beard shampoo? What’s wrong with the regular shampoo you use on your head? Two reasons:

  1. Beard hair is often times more coarse and wiry than the hair on your head.
  2. The skin beneath your beard is prone to becoming dry and irritable.

Traditional hair shampoos can be harsh on your face and lead to dry skin. On the flip side, a standard face wash might be well suited for your skin, but it does an awful job on your beard itself.

A good beard shampoo addressees both your whiskers and your face itself. The leading brands are made with all natural ingredients that specifically aim to soften your beard, remove any lingering oils, and keep your face moisturized.  

How often should you wash your beard? The answer really depends the length of your beard, the amount natural oil your face produces, and the elements your beard is exposed to each day. That said, for most guys 2-3 times a week is sufficient.

On days when you do wash your beard, it shouldn’t add much more than 30 seconds to your shower time. 

To find the perfect wash for your beard, read our comprehensive guide on selecting the Best Beard Shampoo.

Condition With Beard Oil

Leven Rose Beard OilAfter you’ve washed your beard, towel it off but leave a little be wet. You want a bit of water to remain on your whiskers when you apply your conditioning beard oil. Using beard oil is a critical step and serves to both condition and soften your beard. It also adds another layer of protection for your face to help prevent dry flaky skin.

The longer your beard gets the more natural oils it requires, and so you may need to apply a bit more than a guy with a shorter beard. We want to be sure to avoid beard dandruff and dry itchy whiskers. Beard Oil is the best way to prevent those mishaps.

Add a small amount of oil (2-3 drops for short beards, 3-4 drops for longer) directly to your beard. Use your fingers to work it into your whiskers and try to get all the way to the roots. 

Due to the recent beard trend, there are countless brands of beard oil popping up. There aren’t any truly BAD brands per se, but some are definitely better than others. Read our full Beard Oil Buyers Guide to get more information and find reviews for all of the leading brands on the market. 

Style With a Balm

Honest Amish Conditioning Beard BalmYour beard is now fresh, clean, and hydrated. To be honest, you’re likely looking pretty sharp already and some guys (especially ones with shorter beards) can probably skip this step. 

But, if your beard is longer than 1-2 inches we highly recommend you devote another minute (tops!) to your routine by applying a some beard balm.

A balm is going to lock in moisture, nourish your whiskers, and also add a bit of “hold” so that you can style your beard and keep things in check. Balms contain varying levels of beeswax (in most cases), which is what makes them great styling products.

To apply, rub a small dime sized amount in the palm of your hands then apply directly to your beard. Try and coat as many whiskers as possible. Then using your fingers (or a Beard Comb) style your beard in the fashion that works best for you. 

Read our buyers guide and get our picks for the Best Beard Balms

Optional Additional Steps

Ok, you're done with the daily routine, and you've spent less than 2 minutes total. Go admire your devilishly handsome good looks and bathe in the glory of your awesomeness. 

That said, unless you are going full on ZZ Top, there is going to come a time when you need to trim your beard. Not saying you have to! More power to you if want to grow that bad boy all the way to your knees! 

But if you like to keep a shorter beard, or simply have to because "corporate policy", then occasionally you're going to need to trim things up a bit. Don't worry, just like the previous steps, we should be out the door pretty quickly.

shape With Beard Trimmers

Norelco beard trimmerWhen it’s time to trim things up, you’ll have a few choices. You can head to a trusted barber and have it trimmed professionally. We think that is a great route to go, and there is nothing like being spoiled by a good barber. But, if you keep your beard short or shaped, going to the barber every week isn’t a cost effective option. So, you’ll want to invest in a good set of electric Beard Trimmers.

With a good set of beard trimmers you should be able to do nearly all the clipping and grooming that is required. You’ll want one with variable length settings to allow flexibility and give you styling options.

Of course, there are all sorts of options available from countless manufactures. That said,  it’s tough to beat the quality, reliability and cost of the Philips Norelco 7300 Beard Trimmer

Keep It Neat With a Safety Razor

Merkur Long Handled Safety RazorThe final step in your beard care routine is to shape the edges of your beard. There are more ways to shape and style a beard than we can count, and if you unless you have a beard that is free form and requires no edging to maintain the look you want, eventually you are going to need a razor to get a perfect clean line.

Most guys will use their electric beard trimmer to keep the shape under control throughout the week and then use a razor to clean things up every so often. The frequency with which you use the razor is entirely up to your individual needs and rate of hair growth. Personally, I use a straight razor to clean up my neck and cheekbone areas about once a week.

You may notice that we specifically listed this section as “Safety Razors” and not just “Razors”. That’s because we think using a safety razor provides more precision when edging a beard than does a modern multi blade razor. Not to mention they are considerably cheaper than something like a Mach 3 and way cooler looking and full of old school style.

By using a safety razor, you can take advantage of the single sharp blade to easily edge your beard. With a multi blade razor you have to judge where the lubricating pad stops and the blades begin, and with a safety razor there is no confusion there.

Additionally, if you have corse or thicker stubble, a a safety razor does a better job cutting through it all. We suggest the Merkur Long-Handled Safety Razor as our best in class pick. 

Final Thoughts

Regardless of how you style your beard, a well manicured, clean, and soft beard is an awesome beard. All it takes are a few beard grooming products and just a tiny bit of time. Your face will thank you. Your significant other or potential future mates will thank you. And society will thank you. Thanks and we hope you find this site useful, be sure to follow us on Social Media to be updated of new articles and reviews.

  • Updated December 14, 2016