Halloween Costume Ideas for Men with Beards

Ahh Halloween! That special time of year when we get to wear a sweet costume, party like a rock star, and consume a few adult beverages. So whether you're hitting a party or you're taking your little monsters trick-or-treating, we've got you covered with original costume ideas perfect for the bearded man. 

If you end up using any of our choices we'd love to see them! Take a photo and tag us on Twitter using @bestbeardnet and enjoy your 15 seconds of (really minor) fame! Here we go. 

Movie and TV Characters

    Chuck Norris in Delta Force. Image via Wikipedia

  • Chuck Norris - Believe it or not, but we actually had him listed further down in the article but every time we hit publish his listing rose to the top. Whether you're a Walker Texas Ranger guy or more of a Delta Force era Chuck fan, the options are limitless. An easy route is sleeveless denim shirt, black cowboy hat, and your favorite blue jeans. 
  • Steve Zissou - The added benefit of this costume is you can easily identify the people you don't need in your life when they ask "Who are you dressed as?" Get yourself a Blue Jumpsuit and a Red Beanie. Done.
  • Capt Jack Sparrow - Ladies love this one...just don't overdue it trying to recreate the accent. Lots of costume choices HERE
  • Pick Your Favorite Wizard - You've got a number of choices here: Gandalf, Dumbledore, Hagrid, you can't go wrong with any of them. 
  • Papa Smurf - A timeless classic and a top pick for a couples party. Dress your lady up as Smurfette for a Smurfy good time.
  • The Dude - Or maybe His Dudeness, or Duder, or El Duderino if you're not into the whole brevity thing. Put on a pair of sunglasses, an old undershirt, this sweater, and mix yourself a White Russian. Walter Sobchak is solid and underrated choice as well. 

Walter and The Dude

  • Silent Bob - This one requires a bit of a commitment if you plan on staying in character. Hopefully you're not the chatty type. 
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi or Bearded Luke Skywalker - The force is strong with your beard so this seems like a natural option. Options available on Amazon
  • Mr. T - I pitty the fool who don't choose this costume! Get more bling than your neck can support and you're set. 
  • Leonidas from 300 - If you have the abs to pull this one off, then can I have your Halloween candy? Because I know your Gluten Free Super Caveman Paleo Atkins diet isn't going to allow any Gobstoppers. Get your cape HERE.  
  • Running Forrest Gump - I think we can agree this is the best looking Forrest in the movie. Add a Bubba Gump hat and a T-Shirt to that impressive beard you're rocking and call it a day.
  • Castaway - Should we have created an entire section just for Tom Hanks characters? You may possibly be mistaken as a crazy old hippie, so I guess add that one to the list too?
  • Dothraki - Do you happen to own a horse? With or without an equine parter, get some wirstbands, maybe the sword of Khal Drogo and you're good to go. 

Political/Historical Figures

  • Abraham Lincoln - Has any other human ever used the word "score" to refer to a timeframe of 20 years? I think not. Honor our finest bearded President (sorry James Garfield) with a Lincoln Costume
  • Che Guevara - I really don't have any advice for you on how to pull this one off, but if you own a rad old motorcycle and a beret you're off to a good start.  
  • Random Dictator - Rather than stroke the ego of any particular crazed foreign leader, I'll just suggest this tasteful yet generic Dictator costume


  • Randy "Macho Man" Savage - Snap into a Slim Jim ohhhh yeahhhh!!! Go full on wrestler with a custom bandana and some perfect 80's "shades"
  • Capt Lou Albano - Team up with a buddy and you've got a badass 80's Wrestler theme going. Rubber bands. Your Beard. Done and Done. 
  • Bryce Harper - Jersey, Beard and (optional) Mohawk. If this is in your wheelhouse, you likely already own the jersey. 
  • James Harden - Just as easy to pull off as Harper. Get the jersey out of your closet or buy one on Amazon


  • Jerry Garcia - Young, dark haired Jerry or older and wiser Jerry with a touch of gray? Either way, the good vibes are sure to follow. Put on a Tie-Dyed T shirt and you're ready to roll away the dew. 

Jerry Garcia rocking in Hartford, CT in 1980.

  • ZZ Top - If you have the natural beard for this costume then my hat is off to you good sir! Bearded Texas Rock-n-Roll legends we salute you!
  • Rick Ross - Step one: Grow a Rick Ross inspired beard. Step Two: Rick Ross inspired Sunglasses and Iced-Out Chain. Step Three: Rock the microphone. 
  • The Beatles - Sgt Peppers and White Album era Beatles obviously. 
  • Any Random Musician - Seriously...90% of them have had beards at some point. Get a guitar, strap it to your back and change your ringtone to their biggest hit (Editors Note: not all the ideas can be winners). 

Miscellaneous Bearded Costumes

Paint those Happy Trees Bob!

  • Lumberjack - Flannel Shirt and Jeans is really all you need (besides that magnificent beard of yours) but if you want to go full Paul Bunyan, Amazon has plenty of choices. 
  • Bearded Pope - Does the Pope have a beard? Well he could. Right? Stop over thinking it. 
  • Steve Jobs - I mean you're likely going to be staring at your iPhone all night anyways, might as well put on your favorite black mock turtle neck. 
  • Bob Ross - Who doesn't love this guy? Not familar with his particular brand of painting tutorials? They are online. WATCH THEM. For the rest of us, acquire a happy fro wig and an easel. Be sure to talk in soothing tones all night. 
  • Zeus or Other Mythological Figure - If you have a deep desire to be Poseidon, then grab a Trident and be my guest! Otherwise, this is a solid Zeus costume from Amazon. 
  • Viking - You can never go wrong doing your finest Erik the Red impersonation. 
  • Gnome - If you're lucky, girls will ask to rub your belly with this costume
  • Leprechaun - With the luck of the Irish someone will buy you a few beers when you go dressed as this green guy
  • Santa - I mean it makes as much sense as any other costume, right?
  • King Arthur - Or King Whatever You Want to Call Him Because There are Too Many KIngs With Beards to Possibly Count. Costume choices here
  • Wario - Go to any bar and some schmuck will be dressed as Mario. Wario immediately one ups that guy. #winning. 
  • Gold Prospector - Thar be gold in them thar hills! Get it Here
  • Colonel Sanders - Mix yourself up a Mint Julep and chow down on a bucket of the Colonel's Original Recipe. All you need is white suit, glasses, and white beard

Finger Lickin' Good

  • Sea Captain - Captains hat, blazer, loafers. You are free to consume rum with reckless abandon. 
  • Gordon's Fisherman - Sticking with the nautical theme, a cheap yellow rubber rain slicker and maybe a pipe and you're set. 

Ok, that's all we've got for now. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and post all the ideas we forgot and make fun of our awful jokes in this article. 

  • Updated August 26, 2017